ParentCast is hosted by husband and wife team - Mary and Blake Larsen.

Did you just have a baby and realize that you have no idea what to do with he/she? 

 You're not a bad parent. 

You're just like the rest of us!  

Parenting really does take a village and it's not easy.  We all need to vent, or get tips from fellow parents.  We need to laugh at each other, but also find a place where we can get real information to help our children.

That's why ParentCast is here for you!  

Mary and Blake are brand new parents who are just flying by the seat of their pants while they try to figure out life with their new son.  

ParentCast provides a forum for parents (new and old) to learn from the experts, but also to talk about their struggles, successes, and funny stories in a completely judgement free setting.  

Your kid ate a cigarette butt?  We'll laugh with you about it.  Your kid peed in your mouth?  It's already happened to us twice - today.  
We're going through it with you, everyday.

We're here for you.  And hopefully, you'll be here for us.  

The ParentCast Team:

Mary Larsen

Mary is a saxophonist, has worked in both the film and television industries, and tries to find ways to integrate quotes in her daily life from the Harry Potter books.

If you want to know more about Mary, you can find her at her blog:


Blake Larsen

Blake runs a business with his family, loves the Red Sox, motorcycles, anything with Benedict Cumberbatch or Michael Fassbender, and has the largest movie collection known to man.  His Lost obsession bleeds through his life every day and he speaks with a rather thick Boston accent. You've been warned.

Blake isn't as cool as Mary, so he doesn't have a blog like her.  You'll just have to make do with the ParentCast site.

Rhys Larsen


Occasionally their son, Rhys, wakes up while they are recording. Yes, he participates as well, by yelling at his parents from his crib. Don't mind him.  He's an attention-hog.  But, he's kinda cute too, right?

Rhys doesn't have a blog either.

Together, the young Larsen family saw a need - a need for attainable knowledge for young parents such as themselves. They didn't have time to read another long cavalcade parenting books, or spend hours perusing blogs. They are too busy changing diapers, scraping puréed carrots off of their white walls, and searching for Sophie the Giraffe.

Blake and Mary did realize that they could easily LISTEN to information while they did all of their daily tasks like driving in the car, doing laundry, cleaning up after the tornado of their son, or making dinner. Young busy parents needed an informative, yet lighthearted, non-judgemental podcast. With this in mind, ParentCast was born.

Some episodes will have an expert guest, others will have a round table discussion with other parents.

Sometimes an episode will just be Blake and Mary's ramblings.

No matter what, each episode will bring you some information for new parents, or parents-to-be!

If you have a topic or feedback that you'd like to share with the hosts, please do not hesitate to contact Blake and Mary.

So tune into ParentCast, because it's free, it's funny, and it's a lot better than therapy.