Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paternal Post Natal Depression - Episode 31

Hosts Mary and Blake are back for Season 2 of ParentCast.  Today we discuss all things Paternal Post Natal Depression.  In this episode you will learn about: why we took such a huge break from the show, why it was well needed, what PPND is, what are the symptoms, why it's actually a real thing, how to treat it, and why it's ok to have it - unless you're Jean-Claude Van Damme

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  1. Just have a kid and you're overwhelmed? Mary and Blake are too. They're mom and dad who don't have any thought what they are doing, and so they're asking the specialists on all things child. It can be an fully "judgement free zone," where we can laugh at each and every other's stories of success and failure. Mary and Blake discuss their whines of the week, wins of the week, and likewise supply their parent choose of the week