Friday, January 9, 2015

The Festivus Episode: Airing Of The Parental Grievances

Hosts Mary and Blake are back from the long hiatus!  Happy Festivus ladies and gents!  This episode is all about the airing of parental grievances.  In it, you'll learn all about what parents have done that has really pissed us off over this past year.  We talk about the yappers, the oversharers, the hipsters, pretty much anything you can think of, we've got a grievance.  The problem is - we realize we do pretty much everything we rant about.  And, no, despite the time off to get better at podcasting, we still mess up the intro and we still can't close out the show before the music runs out.  Oops.

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  2. Listened to this again today. This is one of my favorites listening to Blake complain. :-)

  3. SO FUNNY! Thank you so much for this. I love your podcast! Totally made my day! You two are a breath of fresh air. Very down-to-earth, relatable and honest. Thank you!