Thursday, July 3, 2014

Financial Planning For Baby w/special guests: Derek & Carrie Olsen - Episode 18

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss how to plan financially for a baby with extremely special guests: Derek & Carrie Olsen of  Derek & Carrie bring a lot of expert advice on how to have better conversations with your spouse about money, how planning a budget CAN be a fun activity, what apps and tips you can use to better plan your budget, and that money can be a force for GOOD in your marriage.  You'll also learn why Enya is not on Blake's playlist, how Dunkin' Donuts almost ruined Blake and Mary's marriage, why chocolate & butter hi-jacked this episode, and why Mary and Blake completely lose their composure (and perhaps any shred of professionalism) mid-recording.

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Show Notes:


Blake:  Listen to our new podcast, "The Living Reminders." A podcast dedicated to the show "The Leftovers" on HBO.  Click here to listen


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