Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Hate Colic - Episode 17

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss Colic with special guest Jean Twomey - a clincal social worker at Women and Infants Center For Children and Families, and assistant professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at The Brown Alpert Medical School.  In this episode you'll learn that, yes, colic is very real, and very hard.  Also, we talk about some tips to get through your colicky day and night, blue human manure, our most touching listener feedback yet, how Han Solo may not be as tough as we thought, and our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Check it out!

(To download, click the link to load page, then select File - Save Page As...from your menubar to save to your computer.)

Show Notes:


Mary - Naked Time for your kid :)

Blake - Air Buddies and LISTEN TO TO OUR NEW PODCAST THE LIVING REMINDERS!  It's all about the new show on HBO The Leftovers.


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