Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Things Parents Need To Stop Saying To Non-Parents - Episode 14

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the top five things parents need to stop saying to non-parents with special guest Jim & return special guest Erik.  Based on an article featured in The Huffington Post by John Kinnear of AskYourDadBlog.com, we ask Jim & Erik to rate each phrase on a Hate Scale of 1-5.  In this episode you'll learn why Blake thinks he's married to Kevin Costner, why some people need to be condemned to a minivan for the rest of their lives, why there were special appearances by Penelope The One Upper, William Wallace of Braveheart fame, and Alvin & The Chipmunks, and why Mary spent the day in bed eating a pint of Phish Food while watching re-runs of Game Of Thrones.

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Show Notes:

The Hate Scale For Today's Episode:

1. You get a hall pass

2. I'm going to give you judgey eyes from across the room

3. You're going to get a snarky comment made about you behind your back

4.  I hope you get a rabid case of pink-eye that swarms your house

5.  You should be condemned to a minivan for the rest of your life

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