Monday, May 5, 2014

What The Heck Is A Doula? - Episode 11

Hosts Mary and Blake talk about doulas with Kim McNiece, a doula from Blessed Beginnings in Rhode Island. So, what the heck is a doula, and why are they important? Also, learn about the greatest hero in the history of American cinema, how Junior Mints saved the day, why Blake is going into full Elton John mode, and guess who admits to their seriously inappropriate crush.

(To download, click the link to load page, then select File - Save Page As...from your menubar to save to your computer.)

Parent Picks:

Mary - Find your child's favorite object, and look it up on youtube to expose them to it more, and learn how to sign it or communicate about it with them.

Blake - Watch 24!


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  2. Woah what is this actually? And what kind of story are they going to share? Please post some highliest of this Doula Story. Thank you

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