Monday, April 28, 2014

Newborn Etiquette - Episode 10

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss newborn etiquette with special guests: Erik and Jay. Inspired by an article written by Lunchbox Dad on what NOT to say to newborn parents, learn why parenting is basically Fight Club, why Mary gets a standing ovation mid recording, why you should watch the, "How Not To Kill Your Best Friend's Kid" video, and why Mary's new bath tub plug is...a mouse?

(To download, click the link to load page, then select File - Save Page As...from your menubar to save to your computer.)


Parent Picks:

Blake - Zipper Pajamas

Erik - Educate yourself as much as you can about newborns if you don't have kids
Jay - The Pelican Bib
Mary - Go visit Lunchbox Dad's website.  He's kinda awesome.

The Questions:

1. "Are you getting much sleep?"

2. "Let me know if I can do anything for you."

3. "How is your wife doing?"

4. "Is the baby sleeping through the night yet?"

5. "I just got a puppy, so now I know what having a baby is like."

6. Usually said by a stranger in a store when the baby is screaming and you are just trying to make it through your list and keep your sanity: "You know your baby is probably tired/hungry/has a dirty diaper/etc." 

7. "When are you going to bring the baby over?"

8. "When are you having the next one?"

9. "Is having a baby worth all you give up for it?" 


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