Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dad's Roundtable on Pregnancy and Birth - Episode 6

Hosts Mary and Blake hold a roundtable discussion with a couple of dads in differing stages of their wives' pregnancies. Wanna get inside the primitive mind of a dude?  Here's your shot.  Learn why Playstation 4, and Heisenberg's Blue Meth, can prepare you for having a baby, why a Placenta smoothie is a actually a thing, why the sea was angry on the day of Rhys' birth,  and why we're sick of people talking to us only about our wives.

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Show Notes:

Parent Picks of the Week - 
  • Carl recommends sprinkling your baby's crib with several binkies so when your baby wakes up, he or she can easily find one!
  • Nick recommends telling your pregnant wife that she is beautiful every day :)

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