Monday, March 3, 2014

The Top Ten Things People Swear They'll Never Do Until They Have Kids - Episode 3

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss their top ten items from a Buzzfeed article entitled 19 Things People Swear They'll Never Do Until They Have KidsLearn why Blake thinks whiny people just need to, "shutup," why Rhys frequents Brothels, and why Mary's therapy bill is going to be doubled after this episode.  Enjoy!

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Show Notes:
  • Mary's Parent Pick is the Trend Lab CrabWrap , so if your baby eats his bed, the wood will be protected!


  1. Agree with you both on pretty much everything except the TV...I'm still very strict on never letting my baby watch TV. Screen time is horrible for brain development. No judgement but I gotta say it's the one thing I stick to!

    Love your podcast- you both are hilarious to listen to!

  2. This was hilarious, love this episode!!

  3. Bed time routines are just so important for kids. It is what makes the difference between children who are moody and cranky in the morning, or those who are excited to seize the day.